Direct Mail

Data Processing:

Whatever database program you use to record your customers’ information, we can help you clean and standardize your addresses to maximize successful delivery rate. We can consolidate multiple recipients at one address, eliminate duplicates and provide feedback on your address accuracy and data hygiene.

Personalized Mail™ (formerly Addressed Admail™)

If you have a customer list, or wish to purchase a list of a specific demographic for targeted advertising, Personalized Mail is the mail product for you. Postage is discounted by either presorting or making the piece machinable and it can be customized and personalized to enhance engagement with the customer.

We can help you produce a Personalized Mail campaign that maximizes efficiencies in materials and minimizes postage cost. Take advantage of variable data and customize your message for your varied audience.

Neighbourhood Mail™ (formerly Unaddressed Admail™)

Send a postcard or a flyer door-to-door—or to apartment dwellers or house-dwellers only. Pick your postal codes and routes and get your message out to the community. This product has no address or postal indicia and is simply delivered to the residents or businesses on routes you select.

With the Precision Targeter™ tool we can help you pick the routes that best match your targeted demographic.

You don't need to deal directly with Canada Post if you don't want to; we can help ensure that your mailing will qualify and that the right paperwork is provided.

If you're familiar with mailing through Canada Post you may already have an account number or a contract for a volume discount based on an annual commitment. As a Mail Service Provider with the designation Canada Post Direct Marketing Specialist and as a participant in the Canada Post Registered Partner Program, we can mail on your behalf using your contract.